Punk® couplings use a novel geometric philosophy to combine the benefits of a gear coupling with the functionality of a universal joint (UJ). With angular misalignments up to 15° in a compact, lightweight package, Punk couplings provide unique systems integration opportunities – and are set to revolutionise torque transmission.

Operating geometrically in the same way as a universal or Cardan joint, impressive performance can be achieved through the Punk® Prime’s patented ‘Mohicans’ (hence the Punk company name). Matched by Gim-Ball and Failsafe versions – we offer 9 functional variants of torque couplings to suit your engineering requirements.

Punk® have also leveraged the same geometric philosophy to create novel designs for a wide variety of functions, including

  • Hub-centre steering
  • PunkNut – A new function providing misalignment compensation for Lead screw nuts
  • Punk Conical Actuator – A new function
  • Punk Concentric Flexible Driveshafts – A new function
  • PunkBot – A torque reacting/transmitting ophiomorphic robot mechanism (new function)
  • Self-aligning gears –  A new function

We at Punk Couplings Limited now invite potential licensees to partner with us in developing these innovative technologies across applications and sectors.

If your company shares that vision, contact us now and find the Punk® technology to revolutionise your product range.

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For Torque Coupling Applications

Punk® Prime Punk® Gim-Ball Punk® Failsafe

Latest ReleasePUNK® Nut

For Lead Screw and Ball Screw Actuators

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Punk® coupling’s occupy a unique space in the market as a cross over technology between gear couplings and universal joints. Our work indicates:

  • Punk® coupling’s performance is similar or better than a gear coupling at misalignment angles greater than 0.5°
  • Punk® coupling’s performance is better than a universal joint at misalignment angles up to 10°

Punk® couplings offer:

Compared to Gear Couplings

  • Increased misalignment capability
  • Increased torque transmission capacity
  • Zero/ low backlash
  • Axial load capacity

Compared to Universal Joints

  • Increased speed capability
  • Increased torque transmission capacity
  • Reduced parts count
  • Reduced space envelope
  • Increased torque density
  • Reduced weight

Unique Advantages

  • Capability for combining coupling with a support bearing
  • High radial load capability
  • Opportunity to simplify systems and design new architectures not previously possible
  • Modular units can be axially rigid, damped or flexible
    • Easily adapted in-field to suit a wide variety of applications
  • Maintenance
    • Low: potential for sealed-for-life coupling units
    • Easy: in-situ replacement of failed or out-of-life couplings
    • Ancillaries such as housings can be retained
  • Extremely robust