A revolution in Torque Coupling Technology

Punk® couplings use a novel geometric approach to combine the benefits of a gear coupling with the functionality of a universal joint (UJ). With angular misalignments up to 15° in a compact, lightweight package, Punk couplings provide unique systems integration opportunities – and are set to revolutionise torque transmission.

Operating geometrically in the same way as a universal or Cardan joint, impressive performance can be achieved through the Punk® Prime’s patented ‘Mohicans’ (hence the Punk company name). Matched by Gim-Ball and Failsafe versions – we offer 9 functional variants to suit your engineering requirements

We at Punk Couplings Limited now invite potential licensees to partner with us in developing this innovative design across applications and sectors.

If your company shares that vision, contact us now and find the Punk® coupling to revolutionise your product range.

Pre-Production Prototypes