A unique torque transmitting and reacting ophiomorphic robot mechanism.

The ophiomorphic (snake-like) PunkBot allows:

The PunkBot obtains its impressive capabilities because of our innovative technology. The PunkBot module is comprised of our unique Punk® Conical Actuator and Punk® Concentric Flexible Driveshafts, which both utilise our original geometric philosophy. PunkBot’s inner concentric flexible drive shaft is a high speed spindle. It can rotate freely however the outer drive shaft with the conical actuator is positioned. The static outer concentric flexible drive shaft supports and positions the spindle. It controls the relative angular position of the PunkBot modules, which easily lock into position and react the torque of the spindle.


The PunkBot is eminently suited for operating in hazardous environments and difficult to reach spaces. Its main spindle drive motor and controller are similar to that of a standard CNC milling machine, allowing:

Extended Reach

PunkBot modules can be bolted together to produce a chain with extended reach that is easily positioned and transmits torque throughout the arrangement.

Field of Movement

The PunkBot baseplate can be fixed or mounted on a 1,2 or 3 axes driven table to provide greater flexibility

Adjustable Articulation

Increasing the number of modules and/or shortening the length of the stand-offs tightens the articulation.

If your company is interested in working with Punk-Couplings to develop and license the PunkBot please do not hesitate to contact us.

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