The first driveshaft system with two separate but concentric flexible drivetrains.
This allows torque to be transmitted using:

Our PunkBot demonstrates how the concentric flexible driveshafts could be used in robotic equipment operating in hazardous environments.
However, this is new technology with new functions and we are actively seeking areas where it could be applied.


The driveshaft system utilises one large and one small concentrically arranged Punk® coupling that are isolated from each other by a set of needle roller bearings.

The couplings could be either a Punk® Prime or a Punk® Gimball.

In our PunkBot robot, for example, the Punk® Conical Actuator operates as the outer coupling arrangement and is isolated from the inner coupling arrangement by the needle roller bearings. This allows the inner drivetrain to rotate independently of the conical actuator arrangement.


The spherical surfaces of all components share the same centre point. This means that however the outer coupling is positioned the inner drivetrain can still freely rotate.

This also allows drivetrain modules to be bolted together to produce a longer drivetrain that can be positioned at will and transmit or react torque throughout the chain. 

If your company is interested in partnering us to develop and license this technology please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Punk® Concentric Flexible Driveshafts enable two separate but concentric drivetrains to have:

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