The Punk® Conical Actuator has an impressive field of conical motion up to +/- 15°, locks rigidly into position and reacts extremely large forces. Versions Our unique geometric philosophy can be utilised to implement two actuators:




The Punk® Conical Actuator uses the ‘worm and wheel’ principle of motivation, with the ‘Mohican’ feature of  the Punk® Prime torque coupling incorporated into the wheel element. A pair of worms, driven by servo motors, rotate in the same direction to position the wheel. Once in position, one of the worms is reversed to take up the backlash, creating a clamped situation that can resist very large forces. 


Utilising the geometric philosophy employed in the Punk® Failsafe coupling, rotary encoders are placed on the same axis as the axles to provide a closed loop feedback to the servo motor controller, ensuring accurate positioning data is available.


We are looking for areas where this new technology might be applied. However, our PunkBot shows how it could be used in robotic equipment operating in difficult to reach and/or hazardous environments.
If your company is interested in partnering us to develop and license this technology please do not hesitate to contact us.

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