With 9 Punk® variants already developed, Punk® Prime and Punk® Gim-Ball patents granted and a further 6 worldwide patents filed, Punk Couplings Limited is committed to remaining at the forefront of coupling technology and expanding the applications of our geometric philosophy.

Therefore, we see our primary business activity as the development of patents, and licensing of this Intellectual Property to manufacturing companies. We then work collaboratively with those licensing partners to develop Punk® products for specific applications that keep those companies at the forefront of their own sectors.



We would like to invite “early adopter” partners who are keen to share Punk’s vision in their own sector, to partner with us to develop the Punk® technology. Wherever you see an opportunity for a Punk® product we are keen to size and model the ideal Punk® variant(s) with a view to establishing a licence agreement to manufacture and sell our technology. While understanding that each market sector has its own unique and demanding set of customer and certification requirements, where our partners will have considerable expertise, we are uniquely placed to support your use of this novel technology using experience gained from our in-house analysis and test programmes. If you think this may suit your company, please contact us on +44 (0)117 336 1111, or use our contact form.


We aim for Punk® products to be the technology of choice and readily available for design engineers to incorporate into their designs wherever this is appropriate. Therefore, we continue to drive the rapid development of innovative torque couplings, mountings and associated technology, with on-going development and in-house testing.

We can also offer manufacturing capability, if required, but believe our success lies primarily in partnering with ambitious organisations with the vision to develop innovative engineering solutions in partnership with Punk Couplings Limited.

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